Saturday, January 8, 2011

2 week holiday = DIYing spree!

Our goal is to create as much as possible ourselves for our wedding. This includes my veil, bridal jacket, boutonnieres for the boys, pomanders for pew decorations, all the reception decor (including a 'dessert tent' inspired by the Indian mandap and a park bench photobooth), stationery suite and desserts!

I've been busy the past 2 weeks of my holiday making a lot of this.

I've finally started painting the hundreds of jars my family's been diligently collecting. I used glass paint from Eckersley's. Originally I was going to paint them all, but decided on leaving the large ones plain and using them as vases, while the small coloured ones will be for battery operated tealight candlessupplied by my lovely aunt :)

One of the pomanders to go at the end of each pew row. I bought the beautiful two-toned fabric from Fabricana on Etsy.

Due to budget constraints, there was no way we could afford custom letterpressed stationery, but I still wanted to have some kind of printed design. So I tried out lino printing! The paisley design was pretty tricky to cut out and I'm not sure it works all that well with our thick, textured paper, but we'll see how it goes.

And last but not least, my wedding jacket! This was one of those weird decisions where I find myself um-ing and ah-ing for months, then suddenly decide to do something and get straight to it. Even the night before making this, I was contemplating a soft cream cardigan to keep me warm. A fur stole or bolero was also an option, but Naman and I aren't too keen on it (even the faux variety) and I don't think it would have fit in as well as a jacket. The funny thing is I'd starting making this before I'd even met him! 

It started as a tiny little waistcoat from the Stylish Dress Book 2 with silk ruffles made from leftover fabric from my Year 12 Textiles major work. I added some off-white silk charmeuse and chiffon (offcuts from my wedding dress), old tulle, lace that belonged to my great-grandmother and a few pearl beads. I love that all these bits have a bit of a story attached to them. I simply added sleeves (from another pattern in the same book) and a lining. The back is white silk charmeuse overlayed with lace; the same as we used for the bodice of my dress.  I'm thinking of adding some more ruffles all around the edge as well as a bigger ruffle along the bottom as the front is actually quite small. And I still need to hand stitch the lining in place at the armholes :(


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